The act of not telling someone about something because its not their information to know
Jim: you change the E to an O
Tom (the nosy kunt): what are you talking about
Jim: Nothing
Tom: I heard you say something
Jim: well its classified
Tom: Ok, anyway did you fuck my girlfriend?
Jim: No, but I smashed this hot chick elloe
by Lorf1243 July 06, 2018
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A coverup or lie to the American public.
The video of the Pentagon being hit by an airplane is classified.
Area 51 is classified.
The 17 trillion dollar scandal uncovered by a congressman is classified.
by Jdubbbb December 24, 2012
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A Twitter King. One would say he is like Gordon Ramsay with his expertise in culinary arts. Classify is an absolute unit due to his towering stature of 6'8" with impeccable teeth to top it off. Whats that? You like eSports? Well you might as well just suck off Classify now since he just recently joined 100 Thieves. Classify is also known for having an abnormally large penis to the point where people are afraid of the BDE vibes that radiate off his body. If you hear anything about Classify, be sure to not go outside and instantly hide your girl as he will steal them in a heart beat. You don't go outside? Well you're still not safe. Classify also will steal your girl in video games by impressing them with his impeccable aim and his immense amount of skill in Fortnite and in many other games
Nadeshot: "We need to sign more people to 100 Thieves, you got any ideas of who to sign?"

Pokimane: "Have you heard of Classify and The Mob? Classify has so much BDE. He even outplays and carries me in Fortnite on the daily."

Nadshot: "That's a done deal dawg."
by Peaenut July 23, 2019
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The best rapper out of canada ever. Nova Scotia to boot. One of the best producers in Canada and everywhere. He is white and a million times better than fakes like emeinem.
Classified's new Cd boy-cott-in the industry out as of march 2005 is sweet. Is last Cd trial and eroor one of teh best cd's ever. It ain't over off his ep his possibly the best song that's never been heard.
by Mos Def And Kweli are Blackstar February 25, 2005
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