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Fuel for Gossip
I'll tell you all about what they did.I'll give you all of the details, but it's Confidential.
by Waboa February 09, 2009

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Pronounced:OY-FUM,as per Rule26,It means "Out of Your Fucking Mind".
42 BILLION Dollars?!Are you Oyfm?
by Waboa February 10, 2009

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Legislation stuck in Congress.
Forget about that vital legislation.It's Congresstipated.
by Waboa February 13, 2009

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Rule H states "Never eat anything Larger than your Head".
"Better get some help with that 16 inch Pizza.Rule H, yo."
by Waboa February 01, 2009

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A Unit of Measurement Equal to One Rat's Ass.
If you note a lack of Concern on my part,it is because I don't give one Ratz.
by Waboa February 07, 2009

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A person with "money to burn" is automatically viewed as an asshole by the "Have-Nots".
He has three trucks and two boats,certainly seems like an A$$hole.
by Waboa February 01, 2009

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As per Rule 26,It Means "Fuck Everybody".
He doesn't care about them, or anyone else. He has this f.e. attitude.
by Waboa February 11, 2009

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