Another $supercell game that used to be rather fun but turned into a game about credit card. And the only people who even bother to spend $300 just to upgrade some pixelated cartoon character holding a cannon are rich 12 year olds who steal their parents credit card or working adults.
Clash royale=

Lvl 11 with max e barbs- (upon winning) Laugh face, Thanks!
Free to play level 11- "Well paid!"
by Crediblesea July 20, 2018
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The 2nd most p2w game in the supercell universe full of kids who stole thier parent's card
The 3.8K-7K trophy range are full of only expensive high dps cards(plus rage and clone)
and theres also some overpriced animated stickers called emotes that you use to annoy people
my friend:do you know clash royale
me:you mean that game that you uninstall and re install for 5 times because of lvl 14?
my friend:yes
by basic noob December 14, 2021
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If I see one more person using the Meganut in clash royale, i will actually commit a mass genocide.
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Clash royale gives you aids
This game is trash its such a clash royale
by Stevens dad May 27, 2021
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a bunch of coloured pixels specifically arranged to make money for the arrangers and invoke excitement
it also has sound effects
Stew Pid played clash royale in 2017 and had a laughing attack when he was 3 crowned
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The mobile game that requires 10Gbps of Internet speed to play without seeing a nightware wifi icon.
Clash Royale works best with blazing fast internet.
by kevindong June 12, 2017
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A mobile game which drives people crazy for losing trophies and grabs lots of money for their creators, Supercell, by having players buy in-game gems. It is basically a cash grabber, as it partially forces you to buy their stuff while having broken matchmaking and balance which ruins the fun.
I stopped playing clash royale 2 days ago, a lot of pay-to-winners beat me and I dropped to 0 trophies which make me throw my phone.
by A dying goat September 7, 2017
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