Short for pay to win, in the sense that in order to 'win' a free to play game, such as Maplestory, you need to pay for various advantages to 'win' ingame.
1. Dude, this game is totally p2w

2. Th1s g4m3 sux s0 much d00d! 1t's t0t4117 p2w!
by The Dirty Onion March 4, 2011
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A game that looks like it is free, but you almost have to buy something to progress. Used as an adjective. also ahem- EA GAMES.
American kid: yo check this fnf game out where you fight as a character from the game, its called friday combat thingy
Filipino kid: *checks the game* oy seryoso ka ba kailangan mo magbayad nang limang daan para kay exe, p2w ito e (hey are you serious you need to pay 500 pesos to unlock exe, this game is p2w)
by EliteSpearTon January 23, 2022
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EA: lets make everything p2w so we can get more money
SW fans : no pls , i just wanna play as darth vader nooooooo
by SpongebobSniffsCocaine November 22, 2020
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Acronym for: Play 2 win.
That guy is serious he p2w
by theif February 23, 2006
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Pay To Win. when you are paying for advantage which normal players don't have access to unless they either pay too or will have to grind very long (weeks and months).
you can buy a weapon in a game which has 50 damage, while you can buy same type of weapon for REAL money which has 60 damage. that is P2W
you can buy a weapon for 10000 gold, for each 10-15min match you get 100 gold, while you can buy it for real money instantly.
by King Of Hell April 23, 2015
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P2w means pay 2 win. Its mostly used in video games, *cough* *cough* *ea*. Most likely in the form of loot crates or skins. A game full of microtransactions is a pay2win game
You:Why tf is this game p2w
Ea: hippity hoppity your wallet is now my proprety
by The discord-addicted guy January 22, 2021
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In-Game Purchases, also known as the death to any game. (can be referred as Pay to Win/P2W) This system works in games which have items or gear that cannot be reached without real-life currency. In-Game Purchases also tend to make the game worse and completely useless in general.
"Garolina™! Customize and make your own character! Create worlds and make countless friendships!"
society: *proceeds to install the game*
"The game requires you to pay 200 bucks in order to do literally anything. If you don't you'll look like a retard."
society: *procceds to uninstall the game*
society: P2W, bitch.
by swcy November 12, 2017
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