the ea of mobile games. basic progression in their games takes fucking forever for f2p players.
guy: *loses because guy is higher levelled than him despite not being as good* man this game is so rigged. why does supercell allow this shit to exist?
by MyWifeLeftMeAndTookTheKids April 27, 2019
A storm that produces tornadoes.
That looks like a supercell and the sky is green a tornado may be coming.
by supercellchaser September 12, 2005
When a gregarious friend that you happily supported financially in exchange for hours of entertainment betrays your trust and allows his new friends to rape and rob you.
I just got supercelled at the bar and now my butt hurts.
by fixclashnow December 23, 2015
App Store developer that has of now made three games: Clash of Clans, Hay Day, and Boom Beach. All three are both annoying and addicting.

The App Store reviewers are always giving it five stars but still giving out random, nincompooptic suggestions.

This makes no sense. I have never felt more sorry for any app creator.
I apologize for the world's glaring stupidity, Supercell.
by Cheesy and dangerous. August 8, 2014
Finnish mobile game developers who has simple philosophy of only working on what you are passionate about in a small teams and making games that will be played for many years and remembered forever. They made 5 games with always a game internally developing -- Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Brawl stars, Hay Day, and Boom Beach. All of which very successful.
Supercell is a very successful mobile games developers.
by Easthoon February 3, 2020
That one noise at max volume you hear in a silent room every time
Everyone quiet!

*Supercell intro sound at 120 dB*
by Fengzi December 5, 2022
A ridiculous term created by weather people that has something to do with a tornado. Even though we don't know what the hell that means now, it will soon be common knowledge through overuse. (see more accurate definitions below) It has nothing to do with embedded reporters, or terrorists, or the war in Iraq.
weatherologist bullshit: Microbursts from embedded supercells can cause damaging severe wind gusts anywhere along the line they may form. Embedded supercell mesovortices can also cause damaging winds and even tornadoes.
by ChuckChaser69 April 4, 2008