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Retard on a youtube video: first yaaay!
Me: nobody cares...
by A dying goat February 25, 2020
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An adjective that most people use to describe a crappy device. Notably cameras and computers, on YouTube.
May also be used to describe something that is cheap as dirt.
Did you film this with a potato and edit it with another one?
by A dying goat December 2, 2017
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A really uncomfortable and/or cringeworthy and annoying person/thing/incident.
Guy 1: Oh look some boy scouts. And we are big haters of them. They seemed to be coming to pick us off.
Guy 2: Holesome. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!
by A dying goat August 21, 2017
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Something you will pay at least 500 USD a month in Hong Kong.
It is a symbol of Hong Kong poverty and income equality, which is very serious here.
Pay your rent of 500 USD now to continue living in this subdivided flat of 55 square feet. If you don't you are going homeless. Come on just use your CSSA money
by A dying goat June 25, 2021
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The worst channel on youtube. Featuring:
Cringe nursery rhymes
Half hour long videos
The whole channel is just uncomfortable to watch.

Needless to say it is threatening pewdiepie's position as most subscribed youtuber as well, which is unacceptable.

Gamers, gather your forces, this will be a tough war.
What you can do in this holy war against blasphemous Cocomelon:
Dislike the videos
Leave spam comment on the videos
Post a rick roll in the comments section
Report the videos for spam
Block them
Spread the word so that more parents can be freed from this stupidity
If for any reason cocomelon is recommended to you block it to state your firm opinion to the algorithm.
I am planning to put add on mtr telling people to unsub to cocomelon and sub to pewdiepie, both advertisement style and propaganda style
by A dying goat June 22, 2020
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(1) Dumbest Shit Ever
Just use it for anything you consider extremely dumb, such as this definition.
(2) Hkdse
The university entrance exam in Hong Kong, notorious for being hard (not as hard as SAT and Gaokao though) and causing suicides
(1) That is DSE. (Points at something he doesn't like)
(2) DSE candidate: "The whole examination is a lively hunger games"
by A dying goat May 28, 2019
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