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The worst channel on youtube. Featuring:
Cringe nursery rhymes
Half hour long videos
The whole channel is just uncomfortable to watch.

Needless to say it is threatening pewdiepie's position as most subscribed youtuber as well, which is unacceptable.

Gamers, gather your forces, this will be a tough war.
What you can do in this holy war against blasphemous Cocomelon:
Dislike the videos
Leave spam comment on the videos
Post a rick roll in the comments section
Report the videos for spam
Block them
Spread the word so that more parents can be freed from this stupidity
If for any reason cocomelon is recommended to you block it to state your firm opinion to the algorithm.
I am planning to put add on mtr telling people to unsub to cocomelon and sub to pewdiepie, both advertisement style and propaganda style
by A dying goat June 22, 2020

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A mobile game which drives people crazy for losing trophies and grabs lots of money for their creators, Supercell, by having players buy in-game gems. It is basically a cash grabber, as it partially forces you to buy their stuff while having broken matchmaking and balance which ruins the fun.
I stopped playing clash royale 2 days ago, a lot of pay-to-winners beat me and I dropped to 0 trophies which make me throw my phone.
by A dying goat September 07, 2017

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A roblox way of saying "I will swear you"
Guy: Lol roblox is for kidos
Robloxians: i will swear word at you
by A dying goat November 07, 2019

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A very common type of Goanimate (aka GoToHell) video. Usually, it involves a character, usually from a kids show, having a minor infraction, then suddenly his parents appear and grounds him for an incomprehensibly long period of time , usually at least 1 million years, then the character getting grounded walks away with huge internal screeches.
These videos are often very cringeworthy, with inanimated non-PNG objects and weird movements that defy physics being commonplace. They are so cringy that some mistook them as advertisements by Clorox.
Typical grounded video:
Caillou: I am going to eat some chips
*hand moves to a bag of inanimate chips with a background*
*boris appears*
Boris: *massive internal screech* o o o o o o o o CAILLOU HOW DARE YOU EAT THAT'S IT YOUR GROUNDED GROUNDED GROUNDED GROUNDED GROUNDED FOR 98532908774 x 10^31 YEARS!!!!!! GO TO UR ROOM NOW!!!!!!!!
Caillou: what a a a a a o *another massive internal screech*
by A dying goat October 30, 2018

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A youtuber who makes recorder, flute and kazoo (ususally all of them together) covers for popular/meme music for the fun of it. The videos features the artist with a recorder or flute stuck in his/her mouth.
With the popularity of the channel, shittyflute became a meme itself and inspired others to make their terrible flute covers as well. Nowadays, it can mean both the YouTuber or the art of flute/recorder covers, and the action of doing so.
I just shittyfluted many songs with my terrible recorder skills.
by A dying goat September 05, 2019

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(1) A horror movie.
(2) The minecraft bedrock server BrokenLens' anticheat system. Known for banning people for no reason, but cases like these are few and far in between. However, if you get banned by it you are screwed as the staff don't unban these type of people
(1) The Watcher is a 2016 movie.
(2) Brokenlens staff: "sorry, we don't unban people banned by the watcher"
by A dying goat August 25, 2019

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A term originating from 1984 referring to the cheap entertainment (porn + low quality entertainment news) handed out by Ingsoc to the masses. Since then, thid term has been used to describe cheap entertainment that is purely crap.
Korean pop is just prolefeed. Turn it off and play some beautiful EDM or some meaningful Rock or Metal.
by A dying goat January 17, 2019

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