The most exhausting activity one can engage in, next to soccer
After a rousing round of mass genocide, little Billy slept for three days
by Adge August 14, 2006
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The event of deliberate catastrophe being brought upon a certain group, often with the intention of eradication.

In simpler terms;
Something that needs to happen this entire generation.
"Man do I hope that there's a mass genocide going on outside when I wake up tomorrow.."
by June 22, 2023
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Something a guy says to discretely say that he is masturbating. He is killing hundreds of millions of sperm.
Girl "wyd

Guy "committing mass genocide"

Girl "can I help?"
by Hiiam_larry October 30, 2021
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killing many people for the one named Allah
I did a push-up today. Well actually I committed mass genocide in the name of Allah, Now I need chocolate.
by Dirty Denise November 3, 2021
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When someone pulls up in a van outside of an unfortunate gathering and proceeds to let rip on their M60 until nothing moves while running down any survivors with the bonnet.
That wedding was so boring i could have committed mass vehicular genocide.
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