A person who feels the need to set people up with one another. Despite the fact they may ruin friendships.
"Would you stop playing matchmaker Erin?!?"
by Katie Soulsby December 9, 2007
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A guy who sets his bros up with some bitches. if he's good he can get them together. a major obstacle is keeping friendships afterward cuz they gonna be mad if you screw them over.
Guy#1: bruh could ya set me up with this girl?
matchmaker: sure bruh gimme a week and y'all be hooking up in notime
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Usually the friend in a group that's good with relationships, just not their own. They are able to get friends together and make enemies cease fire but when it comes down to it, they're the worst at love in their own life
Katie: Sara's so the matchmaker. She got John to ask me to Prom
Mary: OMG, Sara got Connor to ask me to Prom
Katie: Wait, who's Sara going with?
Mary: Uh, no one I think.
by The Matchmaker February 21, 2014
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Ask anybody, they'll tell you that a man needs to find a woman to be happy. If a man still hasn't been domesticated, it's because something's missing in his life, a woman! So if you know a guy like that, take personal responsibility for introducing him to a female you know even if he hasn't indicated any desire to change his life, or hinted at loneliness or depression. You have to read through the mask he's been putting on for the world to fool everybody and see how he desperately needs a woman to feel alive and well. There's always more to it, everything is not okay the way it is, you need to change things, you must intervene in other people's lives and personal business if you're a real friend, even the people who have let you know they want to be left alone. Those are the ones who need your help the most desperately, they're putting up a wall it's unhealthy for them!
I wish Dave would stop playing mind games by telling me he's okay and wants time to himself to be left alone. I just know that there's more to it than he's sharing with everybody, I just have to keep digging deeper and try to get in his head and find out what the fuck is the problem? Ooh I know, of course that's it, he needs a woman, a companion. I'll play matchmaker, a man's life can never get good until a woman shows up and makes everything okay!
by Solid Mantis April 13, 2017
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Something so fucking unbelievably unbalanced and unfair you wonder how it ever existed/happened in the first place or how it was ever created
Guy one: “Did you hear josh got mugged and beat up by 200 people his sleep?”

Guy two: “Wow that’s some ‘Apex matchmaking’ right there”
by Maris February 22, 2021
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In an Xboxlive game with a Matchmaking system, and you enter with one more person that a team can hold, Its a game of roulette on who is on the other team.
GUY 1-"Ok, guys. Theres 5 of us going into a 4v4 playlist. Someone is going to be on the other team."


Guy 2- "NO! I've fallen prey to that old matchmaking roulette."
by ImperialCody May 20, 2010
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Skill based matchmaking is a term which refers to either players in a video game who are queued into a game with people of the same skill, or two people who are equally skilled or equal in some way which is usually used in a negative manner.
You are in skill based matchmaking with Lucy, you are both so ugly.”
by Gggfdd January 12, 2023
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