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The insane belief that every male is born with defective genitals.
"God/nature/evolution got it wrong, son, time for your circumcision."
by SaneJane88 October 23, 2015
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What happens when ignorant parents are jealous of their beautiful child.
Mother: Honey, our son was so handsome that I cut his foreskin off.
Father: Thank god you circumcised him! At least he isn't as good looking as I am.
^^^ Fucking parents don't even know what circumcision does to the poor boy's sex life.
by ProfessionalProgrammer January 17, 2015
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The act of removing a male's foreskin. Controversial for obvious reasons. There are cons such as exposing the usually covered part of the penis to the harsh world, but there are many health benefits such as a decreased chance of getting HIV, Cervical cancer, or Siphilis.

Originally it was only used ceremonially in Jewish communities, and later in the Muslim faith. Today the practice is common in the United States as a whole, Christian, Jew, Mulsim, or whatever.
Person in locker room: Dude! What's wrong with your dick!?
Jew: I had a circumcision
Person: Ew... I heard it makes Sex not feel as good.
Jew: Well I only was uncircumcised for 8 days so I can't really say anything about that.
by Circumcised March 07, 2012
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Ooooooooooowwww! (from the Latin for "oooooooowwww!")
Circumcision? "Uhh...could you talk about something else? Like prison rape? Anything?" -Jim Gaffigan
by aaargh i am not a pirate April 05, 2011
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6 surgicaly remove the foreskin off the male penis usualy done at birth or during infancy,but can be done at any time in life, for reasons like ,religion,preference,medical =phimosis= balantisor just poor hygien
or in some radical religions they perform female circumcision wich is to completly remove the clitoris!
Hey peeps dont be so childish it makes you look bad and uneducated!
if cant take a Joke take a Toke!
im from canada not jew or muslim but when was 19 i got circumcised and im 29 now,ive had sex and several sex partners before and plenty more after! and these are the differences ive noticed....
1-during sex there's no loose skin movement between my penis and the vagina (this would be more of a female preference) some like more or less friction!
2- if i happend to be out camping/partying and there's no showers i will not accumulate smegma
3- sensitivity as for sex lasting longer ive not noticed i cannot last any longer then before no differences
4- no difference i masturbate just as much as before LoL
5- for me it now makes holding a condom better tho but i do not need one anymore.....

-generaly women like all penises circumcised or not aslong as its clean.
-dont you like all vagina's aslong as there nice and clean?
-hey maybe that jewish girl would like to try a nonecircumcised penis since she's accustomed to circumcised!

- hey maybe that girl from the UK girls would like to try this circumcised penis since she's accustomed to uncircumcised!
-women love penises even tho its been circumcised
-women do not like smegma on there penies so circumcised guys dont have to worry!
-im glad i got circumcised if my foreskin would grow back,i have it re-circumcised right away!
ps.You cant fool me cause i know from experience!
by C.Dick June 29, 2006
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A procedure done to male infants in which the foreskin is cut off. It is usually done either for religious reasons (done by Jews) or for hygiene reasons. Believe it or not, Circumcision is not cutting off the entire penis, but merely the outer layer of foreskin. Many assholes believe Jews are bad people because they do this but it has no negative effects. Pleasure in intercourse is not increased or decreased, and the ability to produce children is also not affected. What? You thought it meant you couldn't have children. Idiot, how do you think Jewish babies are born? Honestly. The only real effect that circumcision has is better hygiene and less of a chance getting varied penal diseases.
The main reason many people believe circumcision is bad is because of varied anti-Semitic reasons, as well as the fact that many men are sensitive to cutting down there.
"I'm Jewish, so I was circumcised."
"Is circumcision like cutting off a girl's nipples?"
NO, you idiot. If you cut off a girl's nipples she would have no way to nurse her children and many other health problems. The foreskin has no use but nipples do.
by Irefusetotellyoumyname February 13, 2011
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