A bunch of lies fundies teach to children in school. Included in most curriculums are falsehoods intended to scare students into abstinence, such as:
-Exaggerated condom failure rates
-Exaggerated rates of STD transmission among sexually active members of all demographics, but especially teenagers and gay (or bisexual) men
-Exaggerated risk of dying during an abortion (if abortion is discussed at all), and/or exaggerated risks of depression and other potential side effects of abortion
-Claims that most religions consider sex to be innately evil. Two problems with this:
1. Most religions consider sex a positive (or even Sacred) thing, and
2. Church and State are separate, so this drivel is irrelevant in a school setting anyway
-Many other laughable, obvious lies
My sex ed teacher claimed condoms had a 90% failure rate. When I called her on her bullshit and said the failure rate was closer to 3%, she got all bitchy and sent me to the office. Lying cunt.

I was taught in sex ed that condoms don't protect you, so I never used them. Now I have an impressive collection of STDs.
by yayfortaints December 5, 2005
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I looked out of the sex ed health class. We were learning about the different positions and how they simulate you. I looked at AJ. I was going to his house tonight.
When I got to his house he opened the door. He told me that his parents were gone and he wanted to give me the FULL tour. First he went to his room, and we used our knowledge of sex ed together...
by A-girl-someone-likes November 13, 2018
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A subject in health class that most kids these days don't need.
Mike: Bleh, we have to do Sex Ed this year
John: So what? I'm sure neither of us need it
by Fnaf Raider December 10, 2014
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In my opinion a subject that shouldn't be taught in school anymore. My reason for saying this is that all it is is a scare tactic that teaches a load of bullshit like condoms fail 90% of the time, and that if you have sex you will get an STD no matter what. Its just a scare tactic to scare people into living a life of abstinence(although there's nothing wrong with wanting to be abstinent.)
In my opinion when it comes to sex, it should be taught at home by parents to their children, because in all honesty, sex is a very personal and spiritual thing that shouldn't be taught through diagrams and false statistics.
We shouldn't have sex ed in school anymore because now, it's nothing but a huge scare tactic about STDs and Pregnancy. Instead sex should be taught at home by the parents. And listen parents, it may be easy to leave it up to the school to teach your children about sex, but it's better to do it at home, because you don't know who is teaching your kids, it could be a person who knows very little about it, a person who has a bad opinion of it, or even a complete pervert.
by Nathan575 August 3, 2008
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A class taken in school to educate one about the bad things that could possibly happen with sex. Popularly known to be a misleading class because it really teachs nothing about sex. Better sex education is found in porn. Also see porn
by blake September 18, 2003
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A class that is supposed to teach teens about the ins and outs (get it?) of sex, but often fails miserably at this goal. Often uses scare tactics to preach abstinance, even though a blind man could see through their propoganda. Also usually influenced by extreme christian (aka bible thumper) morals.
Sex Ed student: Dude, you wouldn't believe the bullshit they were preaching at sex ed.
Freind: What?
Sex Ed Student: They said that condoms fail 90 percent of the time!
Friend: That's BULLSHIT!
Sex Ed Student: I know!
by mr.knowitall September 21, 2007
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