1.Responsive or sensitive to sexual stimulation: erogenous zones.
2.Arousing sexual desire.
3.producing sexual excitement or libidinal gratification when stimulated : sexually sensitive
She put her mouth around the head of my penis and used her tongue to penatrate the head of my penis i was erogenous by it.
by whiskydrinka August 09, 2006
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Any body part that is very sensitive to sexual stimulation.
Some erogenous zones include: Neck, Back, Clit, Nipples, Butt, Thighs, Hips, Dick, and Feet.
by Shenise April 16, 2004
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their are atleast 9 you have to pay attention to during foreplay sex and after sex.
1. upper lip
2. finger tips
3. armpits
4. nipples
5. g-spot
6. clit
7. ass
8. thighs
9. toes/feet
She loves me
how you know?
cus i took care of all her erogenous zones
by craig March 12, 2003
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A particular body part that is responsive or sensitive to sexual stimulation.
Body part which arouses sexual desire. (makes you horny)
"My navel is a very erogenous zone, it's my sexual weakness -- turns me right on" ...
by eMel July 19, 2006
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The arbitrary enforcement of zoning regulations to restrict consenting adults from having sex parties in their home.
The term erogenous zoning violation was coined by Paul Duggan, the Washington Post Journalist who reported on a story in Bethesda Maryland where zoning regulations were used to stop private sex parties due to 'commercial activities' despite no enforcement for similar non-sexual parties like Mary Kay etc.
by KnightWolfe43 September 14, 2011
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Being so aroused that the touch of your clothing on your body starts physically stimulating you.
Erogenous togglery got the best of me again! My pants got me hard in class because they were a little tight.
by Hardinclassagain December 10, 2015
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