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1. A Witchy woman (or outright High Priestess of Something).

2. A mysterious beautiful woman who is sexy, seductive, and has a rich past in multiple colors of checkered.

3. A woman who accomplishes everything or knows your secrets almost as if by magic; though intolerant of all fools, she is accustomed to being in charge because she always is the most qualified.

4. A beautiful, though pouty, sorceress who really dislikes rejection (who doesn't), but she accepts it. Do not piss her off, however, or she will turn you into a pig, the outward manifestation of your inner swine.

5. Name of the Famous Nymph who Killed all of Odysseus' men and tried to seduce him into staying with her forever (implied she could make him immortal too). He refused. She let him go. Even gave him a ship. He refused politely.
1. Is she a Voodoo Circe or what? (Said with awe or else).
2. Look at that luscious bod, bet she always was a Circe!
3. My new boss is a real Circe, no slacking off anymore!/That chick did a Circe on my ass, she knew I f**ked that waitress!
4. Man, that damn uppity bitch, oink, oink, oink.
5. I was reading the Odyssey in my Ancient Literature Class and ran across the mention of the Greek Nymph Circe who killed his rude men, but allowed his departure with her blessing after he gently explained his lasting love and fidelity to his wife, an explanation that almost no female of any species can resist, and which alleviates the disappointment of rejection through the inculcation of respect.
by C. Stewart February 02, 2010
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The authoritative moronosphere blog source for information pertaining to poverty, chickens, despondency, cheap beer, anti-Texas sentiment, and misanthropy.
"Dear Dumb Online Blog: It's me, Circe. Another bad day. I hate everyone. Poverty equals powerlessness within our American caste system of institutionalized discrimination. Texas totally sucks. Send beer. I heart my chickens."
by C. SmithTX October 13, 2008
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