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An abbreviation for the "PC Master Race" which is a term of superiority for PC gaming which often used to compare PC gaming to console gaming. The term is reinforced by the pros of PC gaming, such as better graphics, backwards compatibility, lower long-term cost modification capabilities, customization, free online play, and better overall performance.
Jerry: Are you guys apart of the PCMR? or are you just dirty console peasants?
Alex: Im apart of the master race! PC forever!
Jacob: I like to play Call of Duty Ghosts on my Xbox! :D
Jerry and Jacob: ...
by BlenderThatBlendsThings November 12, 2016
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Stands for PC Master Race. Basically a bunch of douchebag elitist PC gamers who think anyone gaming on consoles such as PlayStation or Xbox are lesser human beings. They just use the fact that they can achieve higher frame rate gameplay to assert their dominance over everyone else.

If you ever see this quote, you're dealing with a PCMR faggot;

"But the human eye can only see 30fps /s"

They fail to realize that many people enjoy the multiplayer aspects of gaming. Getting together with your friends and playing FIFA or something. For those not familiar, most PC games DO NOT support local multiplayer. Some games do and others must literally be hacked. They don't understand that not everyone lives in their mothers basements and games by themselves.

Another reason to own a console is for exclusives (games not released on PC). They will immediately and completely dismiss any console exclusives since they can't play them on ultra @ 60fps.
"I built this top of the line custom rig! The best part? There's a glass window on the side so I can attach my suction cup dildo and suck its dick! PCMR!"
by iGotLove April 02, 2017
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Rider 1 "hey bra lets go grab some freshy off Jupiter"

Rider 2 "For sure bra pcmr is the place to ride the frozen Kai"
by Ocean McDaniels September 29, 2013
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