To plot or plan or conspire. Also a back-stabbing person.
I'm conniving a way to get back at my boyfriend for cheating on me.
by gimpygiff March 4, 2008
Somebody who connives, does annoying things. Many times a conniver will tell on someone, or threaten to tell on someone. Often in sixth grade.
Boy: That kid is such a conniver, I bet he eats candlewax.

Conniver: Eeeeeeee!
by los_conniver December 15, 2015
Planning secretly, esp in doing sth wrong/ harmful
A heartless and conniving woman
Aconniving smile
by GrAy SiDe March 3, 2018
Someone who secretly makes plans behind her husband's back to leave him while pretending to attend counseling to reconcile the marriage.
i.e. A conniving cunt is someone who opens her own bank account to transfer funds; says she is going to meet friends she has no plans on meeting; or, leaves a note for her husband asking for a divorce after 17 years. She hides things in YOUR home to help hide the affair for her best girlfriend. She is someone who has no respect for her own marriage or of her friends marriage. Someone you ultimately cannot trust.
by Bitter Husband August 7, 2007
A pack of 4-5 money hungry cunts who screw over someone any chance they get.
Conniving Cunts can often be spotted consuming bottles of Sailor Jerry's preparing for a night of cock teasing at local brothels. This pack can also be referred to as a bunch of sluters (aka. sluts) who are extremely materialistic and seek companionship only from those they wish to fuck over later. Often committing adultery, it is highly recommended that any male individual stay as far away from this blood sucking group of cunts as possible.
by TheMan85 April 25, 2010
a bitch who connives; one who conspires
Oh em gee! She is such a conniving bitch! I can't believe she made me do that!
by Bontaquesha August 30, 2007
Someone who tries to talk shit on you behind your back, make situationions worse, and stirs the pot when issues are being brought up.
by Duckslayer1234 March 24, 2018