Slang term for prison, dating back to the early twentieth century. Can be found in John O'hara's "Appointment in Samarra".
A man can lose his hopes, and his mind, inside the walls of the Stoney Lonesome.
by Julian English January 29, 2005
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A badass dlc for Fallout New Vegas,telling more about the mysterious protagonist The Courier
Jim: "Kyle WYD"
Kyle:"Just killing tunnelers"
Kyle:"Just got the badass DLC for New Vegas lonesome road its pretty dope"
Jim:"Oooooooh ok , soooooooo WYD"
by BadtotheRiot43 February 11, 2017
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When a guy won't ask out a girl
Shea have you asked her out yet? Don't be a lonesome wolf
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Fort Lonesome is a small ghost town in Hillsborough County. It's a rural, desolate place with a big agricultural base. The people there are proud to work for their own and don't bother others. There are churches there that are small and low key. Great place for old and young country folk.
Dude: I need some quality time in the country.

Dudett: Let's go to Fort Lonesome. It's nice and natural there.

Dude: Sounds great.
by The Absent Minded Writer April 8, 2011
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Sexual act where two men face each other with penises erect. One man masterbates his own penis as well as another stacked on top of his.
Adam was fine with masterbating by himself. However, it was a real treat to have Max join, so Adam gave Max a Lonesome Richard.
by Apprehensive William January 15, 2010
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The final stage of the touching cloth process, when the lonely tortoise 'George', sticks his head out of his shell to say hello.
Tom: Luke you alright mate? you dont look so good.
Luke: nah Lonesome George is saying hello and it fucking hurts...Shit i think im blacking out
by wombles February 27, 2009
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