What boys want as much as they want a girl (or more than that).
Man this RTX 3090 is so killer, my games are so godly!
by fc2078 January 4, 2021
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A graphics card which is astronomically over priced
bro did u get the RTX 3090

I just saved up for the rtx 2080ti
by brandon_killa304 September 16, 2020
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something us casuals will never FUCKING OWN CAUSE EVERYONE BUYS THEM OUT AND SELLS THEM 1,000$ overPRICED
"I have a RTX 3090"

... "NO YOU DON'T"
by Defined to the full extent January 7, 2022
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A graphics card that most people would sell their kidney for
I would blow up an orphanage for an RTX 3090.
by The E Gamer October 19, 2020
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