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Destroyed, terminated, ceased functioning, ended abruptedly by external forces
"My car was toast after I hit that wall"
by P Prabhanhi September 18, 2003
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a horrible hipster alternative rock band that only wants to sell, and could care less about music. Their drummer is good, but the rest is horrible. The singer has the attitude of Chad Kroeger, and the other members are hipsters that have nothing to do and suck at their instruments (except the drummer)
Vocals: weak
Drums:O.k but can be better
Dude 1:Hey, have you heard of the new band Toast?
Dude 2: Yeah they're sound too damn generic and simple.
Dude 1: I thought that too
all dudes: LONG LIVE PUNK & METAL!
by the TrUtH January 27, 2013
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A variation on the term 'repost' which has stuck. On the You Laugh, You Lose Facebook group, instead of just typing "repost" on a familiar picture, members would type variations, the most popular and lasting being 'toast'. Coined by Nigel Lewis Hassell.
That picture is toast.
by PhantomDoughnut December 31, 2010
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buy the domain for your pet vlog
A word referring to the word gun. Alson, a term used when u no u will be im trouble.
Example 1: Gangster # 1: "We gonna bust this foo"
Gangster # 2: "Did you bring da toast"

Example 2: Principle on loudspeaker: Will Billy Sherman please report to the principles office?

Billy: Shit, I'm toast
by Scrappy738 September 20, 2007
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Only the best food ever. As in EVER! Seriously, bread goes in the toaster, toast comes out! YES.
*pop* Was that the toaster? MINE!!!!!!!!
by Killykillydeathdeath July 24, 2006
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All toasters toast it.
Mario: Aha! Here's the problem, too many toasters.
Mario: You know what they say... all toasters, toast toast!
by Teh Problem August 18, 2009
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