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Destroyed, terminated, ceased functioning, ended abruptedly by external forces
"My car was toast after I hit that wall"
by P Prabhanhi September 18, 2003
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A variation on the term 'repost' which has stuck. On the You Laugh, You Lose Facebook group, instead of just typing "repost" on a familiar picture, members would type variations, the most popular and lasting being 'toast'. Coined by Nigel Lewis Hassell.
That picture is toast.
by PhantomDoughnut December 31, 2010
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All toasters toast it.
Mario: Aha! Here's the problem, too many toasters.
Mario: You know what they say... all toasters, toast toast!
by Teh Problem August 18, 2009
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1: carbonised bread
2: to raise your glass to someone/something
A toast to bread! For without bread there would be no toast!
by Pretty Vacant May 18, 2004
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Toast is the ridiculous word used to describe a ridiculous situation or statement. When someone says something to you that you don't have an answer for, toast is the appropriate response.

Toast can either be the answer to a question or a nonsensical response to a weird statement. It basically means, "I don't understand what you just said or why you said it, but whatever floats your boat."
Person 1: "I like to pick lint out of my belly button."
Person 2: "Toast?"

Person 1: "I'm so pretty. Don't you think so?"
Person 2: "Toast."
by LoloManolo November 23, 2012
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