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Bobby: I just touched that little boy...

Police: Narbz
by sebastiancee October 8, 2007
After toking, everything just tastes like, well, magic.

If you smoke at home, you'll find when you sober up that all the food you would normally not eat because of expiry date or it just plainly tastes like shit is gone.
rip that bong and get them munchies goin bro.
by sebastiancee November 4, 2007
smoking just enough weed to feel the changing in the weight of your head, but not yet stoned. You sort of begin to feel you head go heavy, light, and so on... a pleasant feeling
"Let's toke up man!"

"No way dude, we don't have enough to get stoned"

"We can still pack a mighty fine head rush though man!"

"I'm down."
by sebastiancee November 26, 2007
One who is inept at using the Wii Console
John is such a Wiitard, he thinks the sensor inside the TV
by sebastiancee June 20, 2007
I'd Tap = I'd Fuck
You'd tap?
I'd Tap.
by sebastiancee September 9, 2007
The lump of bone sticking out of your elbow, commonly activated by ones finger being pressed inside, and then flicking, sending a ripple of numbness up ones forearm. This is known as activating ones balls. Ball activators are commonly kalily jackers as well.
I activated Peen's balls and he yelped
by sebastiancee June 26, 2007
After someone gets pwned on a Wii.
I nubbed Jordan on Wii Tennis and he ran out the room and started to wiip
by sebastiancee September 4, 2007