29 definitions by Shawn Maglicic

Random mind blanks. This is caused from excessive use of drugs.
I was walking through Wal Mart and I didn't know where I was, I had wicked white wall.
by Shawn Maglicic December 24, 2005
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Term used to describe the process of thought that randomly occurs after excessive usage of drugs. The user will try to think of something and randomly have a mind blank. White wall can occur at anytime and anywhere.
Alan was in Wal Mart and all of a sudden didn't know where he was. He had wicked white wall.
by Shawn Maglicic December 20, 2005
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Passing an object through someone's butt crack when they are not looking.
I took that badminton rackett and gave him a swipe card.
by Shawn Maglicic May 19, 2005
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When fucked up on a drug, one starts to see things, hear things or feel things. The drugs one can trip out are: weed, shrooms, beans, cid and k.
Man, I just railed 3 beans, I'm trippin' out.
by Shawn Maglicic September 23, 2005
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One who is depressing, sad and overall dampens the mood of others.
Don't cry. You're being a salty bitch!
by Shawn Maglicic April 23, 2006
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A gram of pot. Also see dime.
Yo dawg, got a geano?
by Shawn Maglicic August 16, 2005
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Toboganning while being drunk.
I got a 40.... LET'S GO BEERBOGGANING!!!!
by Shawn Maglicic December 18, 2005
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