29 definitions by Shawn Maglicic

Term used when someone gets drugs from someone and doesn't want other people to know who so that person can get more of that drug.
-Where did you get this awesome acid?
-I got my sources.
by Shawn Maglicic December 18, 2005
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One who is depressing, sad and overall dampens the mood of others.
Don't cry. You're being a salty bitch!
by Shawn Maglicic April 23, 2006
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When fucked up on a drug, one starts to see things, hear things or feel things. The drugs one can trip out are: weed, shrooms, beans, cid and k.
Man, I just railed 3 beans, I'm trippin' out.
by Shawn Maglicic September 23, 2005
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1. To exaggerate to a great extent.
2. To tell a great lie.
1. - Last night I smoked this blunt, it had to be a ounce.
- Now your stretchin'.
2. - Man I fucked the hottest chick ever last night.
- Man your way too stretchin'.
by Shawn Maglicic December 22, 2005
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Passing an object through someone's butt crack when they are not looking.
I took that badminton rackett and gave him a swipe card.
by Shawn Maglicic May 19, 2005
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Drug paraphernalia used to smoke marijuana. To make it, one must take a regular military gas mask, but attach a bowl piece to one side. This allows whoever is wearing the gas mask to inhale marijuana, then exhale the smoke without blowing the pot out of the bowl piece. Another effect is mask creates a hotbox.
Yo, Trevor just got this awesome gas mask. You should come hit it.
by Shawn Maglicic March 15, 2006
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A gram of pot. Also see dime.
Yo dawg, got a geano?
by Shawn Maglicic August 16, 2005
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