Used to mean the first day of a the woman's menstrual cycle. Can be metaphorical to the morning of December the 25th, because one awakens to view giant red packages under the tree, or bush.
Maura kicked her dog and was bitchy because it was Christmas morning.
by K & K October 17, 2004
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That special time in a young man's life when its 7 o'clock in the morning on December 25th, and out of excitement he runs down the stairs at full speed, not expecting a sudden pain as his newly fallen balls flap against his thigh. This right of passage makes you think twice about running down the stairs next year.
Guys, i'm only 10 but this year was my Christmas Morning!
by DiabloRain November 7, 2010
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the act of dumping/ breaking up with a person while ejaculating on their face. It must be pre-planned for a quick getaway. The look on the receivers face should be akin to that of a child on Christmas morning.


Its Christmas!

(but, instead of presents its cum and disappointment.)
I can't give my girl frined a Christmas morning
, my car is in the shop, I cant get away fast enough by taking the bus, when the shock wears off she's gonna be pissed.
by Aarknoid and Mr.Mulligan September 12, 2010
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when someone is highly anticipating something that is to occur the next morning; but to reach that morning they first must sleep through the night, resulting in their waking several hours earlier than normal. sometimes trouble falling asleep out of excitement is associated with this effect.

often experienced by children on christmas morning, teenagers on hopeful snow days, and adult males the night before their hot date with the girl in 6c.
Facebook Status:


5:14 AM - why you up so early bro?

5:16 AM - why YOU up so early bro? it's the christmas morning effect! comin over later? mad black ops all day?
by jimmpage44 April 1, 2011
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when a person of a “white-trash” lifestyle cums in their daughter’s face Christmas Morning as she sleeps waiting for Santa.
Roy came home from the bar at four in the morning after the Potato Festival Christmas Eve party and gave Abby-Joe an Alabama Christmas Morning.
by yellowjacket34 March 27, 2008
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Christmas story morning- when you wake up and some semen leakage from the night prior has stuck your dick hole to your underwear. Just like when flick was triple dog dared to stick his tongue to the frozen flag pole.
My Dick hole has been bothering me all day. I need to start peeing before I go to bed so I can prevent these Christmas story mornings.
by Tenaciousron October 18, 2017
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