Christmas Eve; 'twas treacherous last year. Felt like an eternity.
- An excerpt from William Shakespear's diary.
by Har-Har December 24, 2009
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The Black Friday for procrastinators.
What's today? Christmas Eve!? Time to start shopping.
by corporaltyler December 24, 2009
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We saw each others again on Christmas Eve at the church for a reason...

Now that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit have seen us and witnessed us when we were at the church together...

The stars, Angels, Saints have seen us... :)
What does it mean when you see someone (your twinflame– eternal love) you love/long for/miss at the church on Christmas Eve ... ? 🤔
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A holiday before Christmas where you have to sleep at Christmas Eve night, and your parents will buy stuff for you at midnight, not Santa. If you hear your parent(s) say "Santa's watching you," your parent is apparently saying that they will put video surveillance cameras in your room to watch every move you make since Santa isn't real. If you masturbate, you will get presents.
Parent: Santa's watching you. Go sleep at Christmas Eve or he won't give you presents.
Me: Nah, I think that phrase is for little kids.
Parent: well fuck you go give me a rim job
by a random eggplant November 11, 2018
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The excitement that ensues the night before a big day; similar to the excitement felt the night before opening those long awaited Christmas presents
"So, your flight for Cancun leaves tomorrow morning. Are you totally Christmas Eveing right now?!"
by pretty and poe November 22, 2009
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the day before christmas day, often called christmas eve but is infact a celebration of the birthday of the oldest member of one direction
i love christmas eve
i didnt know you were a louis tomlinson fan! that would explain why you're so fruity!
by nialls_spilt_tea_28 December 24, 2021
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