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That special time in a young man's life when its 7 o'clock in the morning on December 25th, and out of excitement he runs down the stairs at full speed, not expecting a sudden pain as his newly fallen balls flap against his thigh. This right of passage makes you think twice about running down the stairs next year.
Guys, i'm only 10 but this year was my Christmas Morning!
by DiabloRain November 7, 2010
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(N) An insult; an allusion to a fake medical condition that results in the fragility of male genitalia.
Doctor: We ran some tests, and it turns out you have cracker dick.
Patient: Damn, shouldn't have gone on the singers cruise.

Why does Jason keep a towel over his junk?
Oh he's got cracker dick, it'll get soggy if it gets wet
by DiabloRain October 23, 2014
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