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They is a wonderful girl. They will make your day and you can never stay mad at her. Even when they messes up you could never stay mad at her. If they ever messes up make them feel better and be there for them they love people who will be there no matter what and will do anything just to see her. They will always have a great body and always be amazing in bed. If you ever meet a Christa get to know her and she is a very loving person. If you ever get the chance to date one be confident and talk to her about anything and ask what she wants to do. They love people who ask them what they want to do or what they want to talk about.
"I love Christa, she is a wonderful person and always there for you."
by cheetopuffs May 11, 2016

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She is the most beautiful thing in the world. If you ever get the chance to date an Emma don't lose her. Maker her happy and always be there for her. She may seem like she doesn't care sometimes but deep down she will always care and love you. Give her random present and keep her happy. Go out of your way to please her and love her. Never forget her and she will never forget you. If you get injured she will be there to help you out. If she ever gets injured put her first and give her random massages. Always love an Emma if you ever meet one.
I hope to never lose you emma you are the one for me
by cheetopuffs September 12, 2016

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