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A complicated girl. Don’t mess with her, not unless you want to have your heart taken out. She’s one of a kind, unique and special to those fairly close to her. She is crazy and weird. Attracts quite a few boys and girls to her because this. She’s beautiful inside and out. Though, she doesn’t really believe that.
Others may not believe that too, but once you get to know them, you’ll know it’s true.
She’s sensitive and act aggressive, but she’s a small cinnamon roll most of the time.
A mood-swing mess, but that’s how she is and I like that.

If you ever stumble upon a Christa like this one, make sure to give her all your love and affection and keep her close to your heart.
“Woah, that girl over there is feisty and crazy!”
“Oh, that’s just Christa. She’s always like that lol”
by SachiNatto26 September 25, 2019

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Max is the most sweetest, cutest and handsomest boyfriend you could ever have. The best boyfriend in the entire universe, in my opinion. His smile will brighten up your day in an instant if it’s all grey. He gives the best hugs and will always have your back.
If you ever have a Max in your life, don’t ever, and I mean EVER let him go.
“Hey, is that your boyfriend? What’s his name?”
“His name is Max!”
“Well, if it were me, you should cherish the moments you have with him.”
by SachiNatto26 September 25, 2019

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Idk, my teacher said it and now it’s a real word
Weow stickamonia yes yes yes
by SachiNatto26 August 05, 2020

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