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noun/verb: Embodies the sound of a very pretensious, try-hard, Metallica-esque SNARE DRUM. Also the result of incompatible recording levels when playing said snare drum back through speakers.
"Are you listening to this? The track sounds fine, with the exception of that choffy shit in the background."
"Choffy shit? Man, that is a bad-ass snare sample I used!"
"Well, it's choffing my ears to death. Please do away with it, cheerio."
by Strange Blue Objects September 26, 2006
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verb - to react viciously in anger quickly without thinking
noun - one who reacts viciously in anger quickly without thinking
I read the first line of her email and choffed the shit out of her with the reply! Then, I realized I took the first sentence completely out of context. I should have read the rest of the email instead of being a fucking choff!

I was trying to explain I was late because I got in a car accident but my boss choffed the fuck out of me before I could even get a word in... What a choff!
by Sick Of Choff November 14, 2014
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In between soft and medium in hardness. When something becomes more choff, it goes from being soft to being harder. For example, a hard bed is not actually hard, it would be choff.
"How would you like your egg?" "I would like them to be choff, please."
by Sexypancake July 20, 2017
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A mixture between a Toff and a Chav
e.g A choff is a person (commonly of Chav background, or heritage) who walks around in designer clothes, talks commonly but attends a posh school and hangs around with a higher social circle, often new money and keen to flash their cash

Courtney - "ZOMG check my like totally AMAZING new channel bag"
by 01273 June 07, 2009
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noun. (1) One who is unrefined in the social realm. (2) An unrefined individual suffering from social retardation. (3) Usually suffers from early age male pattern baldness, displays a wide variety of creepy and uncomfortable smiles, has an overblown sense of baseball talent, suffers from extreme scoliosis, constantly tells untimely and distasteful jokes, and has a general lack of understanding of social situations. (See: Faggot)
(1) Hot Girl: "Are you guys gonna clean that up" Choff: "Why dont you do it yourself, bitch" (insert creepy smile).

(2) Person 1: "What did you do to that girl last night?" Person 2: "Nothing, I totally choff'ed".
by DJ Choff September 29, 2013
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Someone who is ridiculously sexual down his mic.

Someone who is always fapping off on roadside.

Ridiculously sexually frustrated.
by ProTom October 06, 2011
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