Pronounciation /chhoooooaaaaaddddd/

A dick which is wider than it is lengthly. Can also be refered to as : The Easy Button, Fat man's Dick, Little Fireman, The Growing Mushroom, and "The Fat Dick". Most people mistake this word, for "choad" which is the scrotum, beneath the testes. See choad
Gossiper- Hey, did you hear? Eric Cartman has a chode!

South Park watcher- Dude... Everyone ln that show has a chode... l think Terrance and Philip have rectangular chodes...

Gossiper- This is totally worth posting on Perez Hilton's Blog.
by Proper English Slangs June 26, 2009
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The area between the testicles and the anus.

It is anatomicaly impossible for the penis to be wider than it is long.
Not only will tight pants cause loss of blood to the testicles , but they will also cause severe chaffing of the chode.
by stickles December 03, 2005
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We all know the literal translation. But most people use it as a derogatory term for somone who thinks they are WAY cooler than they really are.
by Grirl February 24, 2004
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a dick thats as wide as its long, really common in fat people.
guy 1. dude, see that fat guy hitting on those little kids.
guy 2. i bet he has a chode
guy 1. ikr!
by epinephrineaddict February 11, 2009
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A penis that is as fat as it is long is a chode. The gooch is the area between the ass and the balls. There is no doubt about this. I don't know why people keep on arguing that gooch and chode are synonymus! They're not!
GOOCH - area between crotch and ass
CHODE - chubby dick
I was sucking dick and I thought I was still playing with the balls. It turned out it was a chode.
by Ana Elena October 16, 2005
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A Chode is deifnitely a penis wider than it is long. Seriously, "gooch" and "taint" already exist as totally legit words. Chode is a great word used to describe a certain type of penis.
Look at that chode. Can that even fit in a vagina? And it's only an inch long.
by Zak S October 12, 2005
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As everyone knows is, hypothetically, "A penis wider than it is long" - BUT does it exist??
Sophie really wants to find a Chode
by Third Place April 28, 2003
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