A game high school teenagers play in the pool in which one person climbs onto another's shoulders (usually a girl onto a guy's shoulders) and tries to fight off his or her opponents by wrestling them so that they fall off their teammate's shoulders and into the water. The last team standing wins.
Get on my shoulders, we're about to play chicken.

Yo I totally pwned you in chicken yesterday!!
by A mandolin June 24, 2006
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A term used to describe a young (generally gay) male; often used with connotations of twink.

(See also: chicken hawk)
Did you see the chicken Ryan brought to the party? That boy was like, seventeen!
by jcdj June 12, 2004
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A cocaine-induced bird usually stays around bushes
Natural predator:
by AlA-A March 13, 2019
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you cuz you haven't asked out ur crush
man Timmy is a chicken- he liked her for several months and she totally liked him back but never even hinted that he liked her.
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A delicious food that should be cherished by the gods.
Chicken is tasty.
by ChickenⓂ️ October 11, 2018
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