11 definitions by Dat Dude

(n.) A synonym for the biggest white guy alive
Johnny: This is preposterous!
by Dat Dude January 28, 2005
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(v.) Synonym for "fuck off"... Most commonly used by Hayfield Secondary's Adam Stern
Max: Hey Adam do you want to hear my new rap?

Adam: (with blank look on his face) Screw off....
by Dat Dude February 01, 2005
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The kind of guy who thinks he can get rid of his lisp...
Samir: "Well, the book says that if you start with your tounge at the top of your mouth, you have to slowly bring it down to the bottom; pushing the air out through your teeth, like this...Sssally"

Steven: "It is still the same"

Samir: "Damn It!!"
by Dat Dude May 06, 2005
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The kind of guy who tries to get rid of his lisp while saying "Sally Sold Seashells by the Seashore.
Samir: "Hey guys, check out my lisp, it's almost gone! Sssally Sssold Ssseahshhhells by the Ssseashore...How was that?

Steven: "It's still the same."

Samir: Damn It!!

**God, this smells like asssshhh:)
by Dat Dude May 06, 2005
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(n.) Samir Haider... any other "dat dudes" on this website are fakes and phonys. P.S. If anyone tries to steal my alias I will not only prosecute but dick you in the ass with my bellend
Marv: ay yo did you see Samir pimp that sexy ass hoe last night?
Johnny Wilkerson: yeah man DAT DUDE is a pimp ass pimp
by Dat Dude April 19, 2005
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