Slang term for a Halal food cart on the corner of 53rd St and 6th Ave in Manhattan, New York City. The platter is the most common thing ordered which consists of chicken, lamb, and beef served over yellow rice with white sauce. It is the most delicious meal in the world.
Chicken and Rice does not need an example, go experience it for yourself.
by CupBdown March 5, 2008
A threesome involving an African American woman, an Asian woman and a man
Sweet, dude hooked up with the black chick and that asian chick at the same time! He had himself some Chicken and Rice!
by TheIronKurtin June 11, 2010
meaning you want chicken and rice for whatever meal you may be on -or- is a way to show you could care less. originally formed for no reason by using the phrase obsesive compulsively by ben.
by george March 7, 2005
When something is just meant to go together and the only definition which can conquer the amazing beauty of it is, like chicken on rice.
That outfit goes together like chicken on rice!
by forksvamp April 30, 2012
The Bronx High School of Science Currency
Bro i let you borrow 20$ that’s like 4 chicken over rices man.

From Tony’s or Jerome’s?

Of course from Jerome’s, Tony’s is ass
by farabi October 19, 2019