A.K.A. "The BX" "The Boogie Down" "Hip Hop's home" Northern most borough in NYC (uptown) & only borough that isn't an island, poorest county in New York State. The BX went crazy hard in the 70's and 80's people were out of control! all over NYC...The BX has one of the world largest apartment complex, "Co-Op City" (largest in US) it has 35 high rise building ranging from 24 to 33 floors on 320 acres. For many years now more people from the Caribbean have been moving in to the BX...Home of The Yankees!, Fordham Univ, The Bronx Zoo and Botanical Gardens but, if people move out the Bronx a lot move north to Bridgeport, CT. There is like a connection between these two places,
Just google The Bronx or go there if you never been, mad chill
by InCTB August 1, 2011
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1)One of the 5 Boroughs of NYC, which is not widely known unless you've heard of JLo and know where she's from.

2) If you're from The Bronx, you know it's "The Bronx" not "Bronx"

3) If you're from The Bronx, you also understand and get annoyed when people have asked if you lived in the "ghetto" or if it's "scary" to live there.

4) Not all of The Bronx is like the parts people tend to hear about (South Bronx), there are places other than Riverdale or Fieldston that are safe suburbs.

5) Filled with mostly Italian, Irish, Spanish, or Black people.
"I'm from New York"
"Oh cool, what borough do you live in?"
"The Bronx."
"Oh my gosh, it must be so scary to live there! Do you hear gunshots at night?!"
"…um, no."
by lolyoufunni November 12, 2011
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Northern Borough of New York City. My home. Jennifer Lopez discraces The Bonx.
Kingsbridge Heights forever
"We from The Bronx, New York Shit happens."-Terror Squad
by Deve February 25, 2005
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The northern borrough of NYC, the only borrough on the mainland. The poorest district in the US.the south is known for being ghetto and it is but it also includes middle and working class parts along with upper middle class places like Riverdale and fieldston. Everyone regardless of where they live in the Bronx knows exactly what I mean when I say its the coolest place on earth. Just visit and you'll know what I mean. NYC the best
I lived in an apartment in Morris Park and I moved to Westchester when I was still in 3rd grade. I was lower middle class and had less then most of Westcheter so it pissed me off when kids from Upper middle class areas of the Bronx talk shit.
by moconahhh June 13, 2013
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The northern borough of New York City.The word "Bronx" is a Dutch name and there pople talk with a street slang("Da" "Day-Um"),no matter what race they are.The southern part of the bronx has gone ghetto-tastic and is the "Home Of Hip-Hop".Places like "South Bronx","High Bridge","Mosohulo" and "Tremont" should be stayed away from because of the gangs,drugs and crime there.
"I'm from Bronx,New York and i reppin' 'till I Die" -Fat Joe,Lean Back.
by RWOOD4LYFE August 25, 2005
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Explosive, debilitating, and paralyzing diarrhea.
Johnny was unexpectedly stricken with the Bronx, causing a temporary and smelly delay in our trip out west.
by dpac101 January 19, 2009
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