S ystematic

C omprehensive
I nvestigation and

E xploration of

N atural

C auses and

E ffects
I thought science was just a word until I saw what it stood for.
by iMakeTrashUrbanStuff November 24, 2020
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Magic but explainable
Yeah Science!
by Urgent_lemon the bi boy October 21, 2019
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A system of understanding the physical universe that is open to adapting to new information, even if that new information means that what was previously assumed to be true has to be henceforth regarded as false.

Contrary to popular belief, a scientist does not (or at least should not) attempt to prove their theories correct, but rather attempt to find any flaw in the theory, so as to gain a better understanding of the fundamental principal being studied
The difference between Astronomy and Astrology is that Astronomy has undergone numerous changes in the course of its history. Astrology, on the other hand, still suggests that someone born in, say, late October, is a "Libra" when in fact the zodiacal constallation the sun was in when they were born would in fact be Virgo.
This is an easy way of seeing why Astronomy is a science, while Astrology is now mostly relegated to the horoscopes section of the newspaper.
by 1Kain3 August 23, 2008
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Knowledge or a system of knowledge covering general truths or the operation of general laws especially as obtained and tested through the scientific method and concerned with the physical world and its phenomena.
THAT'S what science is. I don't know where you people are getting the idea that it has anything to do with fascism/communism/whatever.
by Party Pooper April 3, 2005
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An attempt to understand the world around us through observation of natural phenomenon. One of the most important concepts in science is the scientific method - a series of steps designed to allow us to learn about our surrounding efficiently and without misunderstanding.

Science is also sometimes posed in opposition to religion. While the two are not necessarily incompatible, there are several points on which they disagree, and there is also a major difference in their underlying principles: Science fits the theory to the evidence. Religion fits the evidence to the theory.
Science allows us to learn about the world.
by Daedalus January 7, 2004
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term used among fellow "Sisters of Sin" to identify a specific picture, video, phrase, or interview of members of the band Ghost as being essential for possession, due to the "erotic" or "comical" nature of said item.

Can be used alone or in a sentence.
*sees gif of Alpha playing guitar*
- "Where is the full video?! I need it for Science!"

"Why is Papa so incredably sexy?"

-"Does anyone have a picture of Omega stomping on stage? I need it...... for Science...... yeah. Science"
by Zeph4a December 21, 2016
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