a ball of meat covered in breading that people sAY IS MADE OF CHICKEN but naw it's probs just a bunch of entrails and fat
I live off chicken nuggets, the tender crunching of diabetes against my teeth fills me with regret and shame. I shall never, ever, eat chicken nuggets again. How could I dare dishonor my family in such a way? For only peasants feast on such goods.
by carryingthebanner October 23, 2017
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What you call someone who is mean or stupid
( Person 1)Uhhhhhh Kaden is such a chicken nugget

( person 2) I know I hate him

he is so mean and or stupid
by Chicken nugget mage November 16, 2018
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A tiny dick; or a cock that is too small and not satisfying
I unzipped his pants, and grabbed his cock out of the hole... That was the moment I realised he had chicken nugget. Then I had to tell him I felt sick and had to go home.
Haha that's the last time I think of gives a boy a bj without knowing his dick size.
via giphy
by Champagne Mami is ovo March 20, 2016
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A chicken nugget is a fast food commonly found in McDonald's, burger king, and Wendy's. It's one of the best foods there is and in YouTube, there is a song about it by Nick Bean.
by Monkeybussines March 04, 2017
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A delicious small nugget made out of chicken with a crispy skin and is best when golden brown (a thing vegans are missing out on)
by BuRtchicKenugget September 13, 2019
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Your chicken nugget is ur favorite person. Your boo, your rock, someone you can trust. You love your chicken nugget
I love my chicken nugget he’s always there for me
by Jwashere001 May 17, 2018
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