The act of throwing a handful of flour at someone just as they are about to step out of the shower as you scream "CHICKEN NUGGET!"
My wife had just finished showering when I ran into the bathroom and hurled a ball of flour at her and screamed "chicken nugget!"
by spazzedninny July 13, 2008
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A slang term referring to buds of Marijuana, generally the larger buds. Originating from the rural Virginia area, due to a bunch of bugs that closely resembled chicken nuggets.
Wow, that bag of pot has mad chicken nuggets man,

Hey, Jeff. You got any chicken nuggets?
by Jamee Crockett March 21, 2008
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the secret term for asain used by those who have come to accept the fac that asains are taking over the world as we know it. if the asain is accompanied by an asain child, then the term is chicken nugget with BBQ sauce. and if the asain is followed by a blonde haired person, the correct term of use is chicken nugget with a side of fries.
wow.. here comes a 2 piece chicken nugget, 3 BBq sauces and a side of fries.
by Very Very Observant April 18, 2006
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Not to be confused with the ever-so popular "Chicken McNugget"; the true chicken nugget is simply the origin of a 'mineral block' lost in translation.
e.g. If you type Chicken Nugget into the Google translator and set it to a bunch of other languages and then back to english, the result is, indeed, Mineral Block.
by Schitzy June 09, 2005
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The Chicken Nugget is a Term that evaluates when a man is having sex with a girl on the beach. You start by getting her really wet. And you wear a lubricated condom. When she orgasms you pull out, Stick your dick in the sand quickly. Then proceed to stick the sandy penis in her Vagina.
Remember when your sister couldn't walk right for a month? My bad about giving her the chicken nugget.
by AKAPUKU July 31, 2008
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when someone pulls their ballsack out and runs around trying to put it in people's faces
Omg, shorty is running around giving everyone chicken nuggets!!!
by nicolaid August 12, 2006
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The act of Midgets pouring hot grease all over their bodies, than having a massive orgy in the kitchen.
Me and Chris had Chicken Nuggets last night in my moms kitchen...She later joined in. :D
by Rad Russian September 25, 2010
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