A chicken nugget is beautiful, lovable, and kind. Unlike the potatoes, who are loveable, pretty and... well, just that. Chicken nuggets have different colors. A blue chicken nugget is sweet, silly, spoiled, and kinda smart. A green chicken nugget is much like a potato. A yellow chicken nugget is weird and silly but can be very nice. The yellow chicken nugget and blue chicken nugget are very close. The orange chicken nugget is just a normal lil dude. Red is a mad dude. If you eat them, they will scream.
by IAmDeWae April 01, 2018
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"Chicken nugget" AKA side bitch or mistress the go to girls when your bottom bitch out of town or just not DTF that day
Brah your old lady dont get pissed about all the chicken nuggets you got on speed dial?
by kyle stryker September 04, 2016
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taste so good when my friend got some he shoved them so far down his throat he asked for more
i love chicken nuggets
by jayjay1019 May 31, 2018
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when someone pulls out their ballsack and trys to show it to people.
OMG, someone from kitchen staff is running around trying to give people chicken nuggets
by nicolaid August 13, 2006
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