A city in Southeastern Virginia. Considered part of Hampton Roads, it is west of Virginia Beach, south of Norfolk, and southeast of Portsmouth.

It is a relatively quiet, prosperous city, with 7 (soon to be 8) school districts, and it is growing rapidly. The crime rates are lower than in the surrounding cities, and the people tend to be happier.

People from Chesapeake tend to think all other cities (except some areas of Virginia Beach) are not safe.

In regards to nightlife, you must drive to Norfolk or Virginia Beach if you want to go out at all because there is absolutely nothing to do.
I grew up in Chesapeake, and I thought about moving to Norfolk so I'd have something to do at night, but I was afraid I'd get shot. So now I just commute.
by The best definer ever July 10, 2008
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The sweetest little dog you'll ever meet. Chesapeakes are usually kind, playful, and willing to please. If you see a Chesapeake, go up and pet her, and she'll lick your hand and wag her tail. Chesapeakes are best friends with Lokis and love to eat everything and play a game called Bird.
"I met a Chesapeake last night."
"I know. My heart is now filled with undying happiness."
by buckythepigeon June 02, 2019
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Second largest populated city in Virginia, behind its neighbor city Virginia Beach as of February 2020. It recently surpassed Norfolk as the second largest city due to its fast population growth within a decade.
Did you know Chesapeake Virginia is now the second largest city in the state. Norfolk is now the third largest city.
by KoolKydChris May 04, 2020
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aka the peake. a highschool located in pasadena maryland. it has by far the most attractive females in all of pasadena, severna park...hell, all of anne arundel county. sucks at most sports, but when they're good, they're great. its students can talk alot of shit and ususally end up in a fist fight after school. always beats northeast, it's rivals, in everything, because chesapeake is that much better. blue and yellow are the school colors, a cougar the mascot. dont eff with a peake, they know how to roll.
Chesapeake will always be better then Northeast!
by blahdy blah blah June 21, 2006
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When you blow your load in a chic and as it oozes out, you catch it in your hand, sprinkle some old bay on top and make her taste it.
Hey Eric, what’s a good way I can show this Russian chic around Maryland when she gets here?

Fuck showing her shit, just give her a Chesapeake Creampie!
by CervixPounder5000 December 20, 2018
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1. Usually indegineous to the Chesapeake Bay area, a very large, lazy, grotesque male that shows an unusual resemblance to a walrus. This person usually has dunlap disease, and has a handle bar mustache that gives the resemblence of a "walrus stash". Also enjoys eating cheese and drinking 10oz Bud Light.
2. One who is abnormally obese, enjoys eating large amounts of cheddar cheese, and also enjoys gossip so much, that he/she could partake in an episode of "The View". Also, one who thinks their "shit don't stink".
Walter, The Chesapeake Walrus, can't help but get all drunk and billigerent and gossip about people on the weekends. Fat piece of shit.

Crikey! Check out the enormous jowels on that Chesapeake Walrus!
by The Nuthouse Gang October 09, 2006
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When you are receiving fellatio from a female, and she does a little blowfish with her cheeks, you then smash her cheeks together with both hands simultaneously, expelling the air rapidly.

If seminal fluid makes it way back out of the oral cavity onto the lower abdomen, that would be referred to as the Chesapeake Firecracker w/old bay.
- "Why is your lip bleeding?"
- " Chesapeake firecracker..."

- "What's all over your stomach?"
- " Old Bay..."
by Champion Sports Bar August 24, 2012
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