13 definitions by KoolKydChris

Constantly injuring her opponents and an unsafe worker in the ring
Every week Nia Jax has injured someone
by KoolKydChris November 19, 2020
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Second largest populated city in Virginia, behind its neighbor city Virginia Beach as of February 2020. It recently surpassed Norfolk as the second largest city due to its fast population growth within a decade.
Did you know Chesapeake Virginia is now the second largest city in the state. Norfolk is now the third largest city.
by KoolKydChris May 04, 2020
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AJ Styles' tall 7'3" bodyguard commonly known as The PhenomOmos (AJ & Omos).
Look at the size of Omos
by KoolKydChris March 01, 2021
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Another excuse for anyone who doesn't want to text you back.
Anonymous on yolo: How come you don't respond to my messages, but you respond to my Yolos.
Person on yolo: I'm sorry, "I really suck at texting people back."
by KoolKydChris May 04, 2020
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When a person bends or spread their legs apart to look shorter than their actual height.
A lady interviewer was taller than an athlete so she did the Tomspiracy when the camera was rolling.
by KoolKydChris March 08, 2021
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