The act of sprinkling Old Bay Seasoning onto someone before giving them oral sex.
The best part about living on the eastern shore is that women aren’t afraid to give you a chesapeake choker!
by Agent Beige December 4, 2022
Located in Pasadena, Maryland (Better known as the Dena ) CHS is home to the Cougars.

95% of CHS is white. The other 5% is basically all black.

(Whites, Female/ Males) Well, they're either rednecks, potheads, jocks, players, scene, "badasses", whores, racist, those kids who don't give a shit what people think (Usually really cool and can hold a conversation about more than their bra size(girls) or whos ass they kicked yesturday(guys)) those kids that that are picked on (but one day will be reponsible for our paychecks) or those "cool kids" that everyone secretly hates.

(Blacks, Female/ Male) Of the blacks seen in the halls, they're decent people. The rest of the black kids are in I-5.

At the beginning of school with the amount of free time they have, you either hang around outside in groups, or walk around the halls. When class starts, it's either a really fun class, or the most dreadful hour and a half of your day. It all depends on what teachers you have, or what subject it is. You either have a teacher who's class you sleep through, a teacher whos the best you'll ever have, a teacher who the kids walk all over, or a teacher who's pretty fair. Then, lunches are pretty much an alternative for the recess we don't have. At the end of the day, you can walk home or go to your bus.

And about the school itself, it's pretty decent I guess. I mean, other than the fact that you're either roasting, or frozen in a class room is a downer, it's okay.
Chesapeake High School
by CHS12 January 3, 2011
(Essex, Maryland)
A school in which 30 percent of the school is white 60 percent is black and 10 percent is pretty much the result of when many races accumulate sperm in one giant pile, because I can't tell what the fuck some of these kids are.
But from the 30 percent whites, 20 percent are faggy rednecks. 5 percent are racially confused. and 5 percent are actually chill.
Of the 60 percent black, 59 percent are normal baltimore kids. 1 percent are just awkard fucks.
This school is filled with lowered standards, and teachers that smoke more pot than most of the students. While the administration are all stuck up and strict beyond belief.
Oddly, there are no cliques and the hallways are overly crowded.

(White Kids)
Also, there is a very scare supply of good looking girls.
The majority of them are FUCKING UGLY SLUTS.
And, a good portion have herpies so no one tries to fuck with them except the redneck perverts (who don't have sisters.)

(Black Kids)
They keep to themselves but are usually always chill. Although if you make the mistake of adding them on facebook, good luck figuring out what they are saying.
While many sensitive white kids will get offended by this, I prefer the black kids over the whites at this school, because they aren't as stuck up, whorish, fake, posers, wanna bes, and bluffs. Black kids keep it real at this school. (And 5% of the whites too. And that isn't the Racial Confused 5 percent.)
Guy One: "I go to Chesapeake High School."
Guy Two: "Oh, so you want to be black?"
Guy One(Natural Chesapeake Instincts Have Kicked In) : "0H s0 yh trna pack uhr suhmthin?! ihl ht a bch!"
by Bayhawks October 23, 2010
A chesapeake bay steampot is a sex act derived from a dutch oven in which one individual coats there asshole in old bay seasoning prior to pulling the bedsheets over their partner's and their head and farting to savor the distinctive Chesapeake flavor.
1. Mary did not like the stench or flavor of Mike's Chesapeake Bay steampot after he treated her to a wonderful bushel of steamed crabs.
by bay lover November 14, 2013
Very hood gang fight be crazy mostly black school bunch of crackheads
I despise that gay Chesapeake bay middle school it’s too hood
by Crackhead6769 October 16, 2019
The unfortunate event of having both crabs and blue waffles at the same time
Fuck man, I knew I shouldn't have fucked that whore last night she gave me Chesapeake Blue Crabs
by thesurferdude223 November 9, 2017
When you eat out your girl after she has just taken a shit and wiped forward onto her already wet pussy.
Dude, I had the best lasagna last night.
Bro, my girl took a shit after foreplay and asked me to eat her out. I think I was the victim of a Chesapeake Oyster Fill.
by Bubby the hate sponge March 22, 2016