When you blow your load in a chic and as it oozes out, you catch it in your hand, sprinkle some old bay on top and make her taste it.
Hey Eric, what’s a good way I can show this Russian chic around Maryland when she gets here?

Fuck showing her shit, just give her a Chesapeake Creampie!
by CervixPounder5000 December 20, 2018
When you are receiving fellatio from a female, and she does a little blowfish with her cheeks, you then smash her cheeks together with both hands simultaneously, expelling the air rapidly.

If seminal fluid makes it way back out of the oral cavity onto the lower abdomen, that would be referred to as the Chesapeake Firecracker w/old bay.
- "Why is your lip bleeding?"
- " Chesapeake firecracker..."

- "What's all over your stomach?"
- " Old Bay..."
by Champion Sports Bar August 24, 2012
1. Carefully removing a freshly soiled adult diaper and inhaling it's contents deeply.

2. Menu item from Joe's Crab Shack that includes a pound of Rock crabs, one pound of clams, six shrimp, sausage, corn and potatoes. Flavored all the way with Old Bay Seasoning.
I went to Joe's Crab Shack and ordered a Chesapeake Steampot and it smelled like a Chesapeake Steampot.
by Entrepredude November 21, 2011
When a man has intercourse with a female in the anus so hard she pees herself.
Last night I gave this chick a Chesapeake Leaker, she peed all over her sheets.
by WordsAndShit September 10, 2009
A shithole town in Upper Calvert County, Maryland. Also known as the most corrupt place in the State. Home to the "Rob & Steal" a hotel, restaurant and "bingo hall". Bingo is really code for slot machine and there are hundreds of unregulated rip-off machines in this tiny town. Of course, the hotel is owned by the former Mayor who is known by locals as "Boss Hogg" but even small town mayors who own all the commercial property in town have a boss themselves. Maryland's lifetime Senate President also resides there and is known for knocking off any competition to Boss Hogg in exchange for kickbacks. Bribery and corruption are out in the open. The most attractive qualities of the town are its bikers, drug dealers and hookers. Just go into any bar to find what you need!
Wanna go down to Chesapeake Beach? Nah man, last time I was there I lost all my money on slots, got in a fight with a biker and then caught clamydia from some girl named Krusty Kristy!
by Abc123iseasy April 6, 2016
The sexual act of cumming into your partners belly button, then slurping your own semen out like a body shot.
Jack: I had some Chesapeake chowder with Angela last night man! It was awesome.
Paul: That’s gross, you know no one actually does that shit but you. It’s just a thing on urban dictionary
by Urban type individual August 4, 2019