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The sweetest little dog you'll ever meet. Chesapeakes are usually kind, playful, and willing to please. If you see a Chesapeake, go up and pet her, and she'll lick your hand and wag her tail. Chesapeakes are best friends with Lokis and love to eat everything and play a game called Bird.
"I met a Chesapeake last night."
"I know. My heart is now filled with undying happiness."
by buckythepigeon June 2, 2019
A very unusually feisty orange tabby cat. He will attack you while purring, and will always want a snack, but most of the time, he is a sweet kitten. Lokis are usually found close to Chesapeakes.
"I met a Loki today."
"Oh! Did it scratch you?"
"Too bad. I heard Lokis could be nice when they're in a good mood."
by buckythepigeon June 2, 2019
Easily the best character in the MCU. Bucky is amazing. (He's also a pigeon.)
“Man, I really like Bucky Barnes.”
I know, me too.”
by buckythepigeon June 2, 2019