An extremely kind hearted human being. Chel is the type of person to put others before her without a second thought. Chel is an actual day of sunshine.
Wow, Chel really cheered me up yesterday. Fitting for someone with that name.
by Hoseokmytoe February 09, 2020
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The stupidest acronym in the fucking world. People use it in place of NHL and they kill every conversation with it, as well as sound dumb as fuck
Bro 1: man, I miss you you beaut come play some Chel soon
Bro 2: Just stop dude. Chel makes you sound stupider than you already fuckin' are.
by HockeyGF September 29, 2012
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A hockey community where you can talk with friends, make posts, and do quizzes!
by Cheller6969 March 13, 2019
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chels is a person that is super caring and loveable. she has a lot of guys around her but the guy that she usually goes for are kyrinns. she is such such such a cute lil girl and yeahz.
"mann did you see chels she do be getting all the guys"
"yeah but shes already taken by a kyrinn ;)"
by lolz4321 November 04, 2020
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an extremist architecture student at VT, commonly associated with yellow trace paper and sleep deprivation.
Chel, it's time to go to sleep.
by Erik April 11, 2004
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1) empty, with an unlikelihood of being salvaged (adjective)

2) to make a colossal mistake, to ruin (verb)
1) "Wow...you downed that entire bottle of wine. It is chelled."

2) "I cannot believe I just put gasoline into my truck's diesel tank"

"Dude, you just chelled your engine....!!!"
by bonnie_traid_in_boise December 29, 2009
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