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Short for NHL "National Hockey League"
mostly referred to as the video game
Trey- "Yo guy you wanna chel?"
Vinny T- "yeah guy yeah"
by HSM nelson March 05, 2010
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shes one hot ass bitch! evry1 luvs her she sooo popular kwlest chik around
woah, dat chels is fine!
by FiTfUlLhAmLaD December 18, 2004
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ultimate gaming experience, preferably on Xbox360. better than girls.
That Chel experience was better than sex, and sex feels so good.
by TrevandClark March 11, 2011
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A term used for NHL,mostly referring to the NHL video game series..the word Chel comes from the h and the L
Wanna go play some Chel?
Sure man!

Buddy,I've got scouts from the Chel watching me
by Bardownski August 07, 2016
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An extremely curvy exotic girl from The Road to Eldorado (a dreamworks movie). She seduces Tulio. In one scene, she is giving him head when the High Priest walks in.
Guy: I watched the Road to Eldrado yesterday
Guy 2: Oh did you like it.
Guy: It was ok, but man I wish i had a girl like Chel. She was so hot!
by moviezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz December 26, 2010
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The stupidest acronym in the fucking world. People use it in place of NHL and they kill every conversation with it, as well as sound dumb as fuck
Bro 1: man, I miss you you beaut come play some Chel soon
Bro 2: Just stop dude. Chel makes you sound stupider than you already fuckin' are.
by HockeyGF September 29, 2012
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