she is a pmsing girl who actually just started to talk to me
chels is obsessed with the O.C. I mean gawd the worst actors
by torontohobo March 12, 2005
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chels is THAT girl. she tastes like chicken and smells like lemons. sometimes she smells like cinnamon and it's good and cool. you always wanna text her and tell her how much you love her with all your heart. you can't help but trust her. you can be sure to give her your entire heart. she's kinda annoying but you are too so it's okay. uhhhhhhhhh. she's usually the type of person to have a bird or two.
yo, did you smell chels today? yeah she smelled like cinnamon though, not her usual lemon.
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by hi im lyan June 19, 2019
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