A term used for NHL,mostly referring to the NHL video game series..the word Chel comes from the h and the L
Wanna go play some Chel?
Sure man!

Buddy,I've got scouts from the Chel watching me
by Bardownski August 7, 2016
An extremely curvy exotic girl from The Road to Eldorado (a dreamworks movie). She seduces Tulio. In one scene, she is giving him head when the High Priest walks in.
Guy: I watched the Road to Eldrado yesterday
Guy 2: Oh did you like it.
Guy: It was ok, but man I wish i had a girl like Chel. She was so hot!
by moviezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz December 26, 2011
ultimate gaming experience, preferably on Xbox360. better than girls.
That Chel experience was better than sex, and sex feels so good.
by TrevandClark March 12, 2011
An extremely kind hearted human being. Chel is the type of person to put others before her without a second thought. Chel is an actual day of sunshine.
Wow, Chel really cheered me up yesterday. Fitting for someone with that name.
by Hoseokmytoe February 9, 2020
The stupidest acronym in the fucking world. People use it in place of NHL and they kill every conversation with it, as well as sound dumb as fuck
Bro 1: man, I miss you you beaut come play some Chel soon
Bro 2: Just stop dude. Chel makes you sound stupider than you already fuckin' are.
by HockeyGF September 30, 2012
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by Cheller6969 March 13, 2019