VT - abbreviation for Vermont.

Where we grow the best weed. Smoke the best trees. And get pussy.
"Yo, I can't wait to go kick it back in the VT."
"Yea, word, repreezzeent."
by Ksapp May 15, 2006
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Student 1: This Covid-19 Lockdown has me horny as fuck!
Student 2: Just as Brittney for some VT, she'll suck anyone off.
by funkyboy934 May 28, 2020
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A VT is an abbreviation for a vagina tingle, a tingling in the vagina which tells a girl if she likes a guy.
When he rolled up his sleeves you could tell by her face she was having a VT!
by SwaggyBeast July 07, 2015
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In european car world, is the acronym of "voiture de tourisme sport", the sportier versions of Citroën cars. These ones are famous in the smaller car versions to be really good in mountain routes with a high number of corners.
"Do you see how this Saxo VTS 16V bangs the arse of that BMW 323i E36 at Sa Calobra in downhill?!"
by Abo55 August 26, 2020
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Short for Vale Tudo Stance. This stance is used by the character Craig Marduk from the Tekken series. This character is playable in Tekken 4 and 5.
It's done by pressing 3+4 or O+X
Press 3+4 fast after vts to cancel the stance.
by Decca May 13, 2005
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