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VT - abbreviation for Vermont.

Where we grow the best weed. Smoke the best trees. And get pussy.
"Yo, I can't wait to go kick it back in the VT."
"Yea, word, repreezzeent."
by Ksapp May 15, 2006
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A VT is an abbreviation for a vagina tingle, a tingling in the vagina which tells a girl if she likes a guy.
When he rolled up his sleeves you could tell by her face she was having a VT!
by SwaggyBeast July 22, 2015
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Aberviation for "very true"
"vtvt thats cool"
by Big_Berrys97 February 05, 2017
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Video Toaster
A powerful Hardware card/device that works alongside with the Software LightWave 3D that is used for Video Editing and CGI effects mainly utilized by the Movie/TV industry. It is a multi functional tool and used for video switching, genlocking, chroma-keying, luma-keying, character generation, animation, and image manipulation.

The whole market was shaken by the introduction of these devices in 1990 for Amiga a true underdog and ahead of its time affordable computer. The ability to produce lower cost special video effects moved the business and similar products were also launched by NewTek the manufacturer of VT for Macintosh and IBM compatible PCs in 1995. Neither platform actually succeeded till the collapse of Commodore the manufacturer of Amiga. And even after the fall, for many years the industry treated the other two platforms as less successfull copycats. Only recently the other two gained the market, but Amiga is still used today as a turnkey system for development, the end result is later migrated to PC/Macintosh for use in todays architecture.

There was an old saying that never reallly died among the guru meditating Amiga and VT users:
PC want it, Macintosh watch it, Amiga has it!

That is the bottom line.
That Amiga 2000 / VT combo advertised on E-BAy is exactly what C-SPAN2 needs to alpha-blend fake mustaches on the bul*sh*tty speech giving politicians.
by KemoTerapico January 14, 2005
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virgin tramp; vagina tramp; name given to girls when their guy friends cant think of anything better. =
(as she walks into the room...boy yells..) "VT!!!!"
by gnantahshah April 05, 2008
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the 3rd generation holden commodores built between 1997 to 2000. known to be great thrash cars and excelling burnout machines with punchy 147 rwk 3.8 litre v6s however giving these commodores the "show car treament and pimpin em out" priviliages are commonly out of the question and peoples including muzzaz enjoy driving these vts lowered with 15 inch steel stockies and with a massive tachos. they drive them hard wherever it be a v6 or 8.
mike: hav u seen ma 00 vt calais
peter: yea m8 that things orite
mike: its got a stock 3.8
peter: thrash it and do some burnouts too but dont spend 7,000 gs on 20inchers bro
mike: Ov course not how dumb do u think i am?
peter: Pretty dumb cos uv just hit a police car dickhead!
mike: fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!!!!!!!!
by vr clubby ryda November 20, 2007
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