Salvaged Car is usually a car that have been in a big accident. The insurance company usually auction off that car. The car worth really less after having the salvaged title.
He just bought off a salvaged car from the auction and he is gunna fix it up and resell it.
by salvaged September 15, 2006
A mixture between being salty and being a savage, so basically a complete douche all the time.
by wierd stuff March 2, 2016
Gustavos truck
Gustavos truck is salvage. Yes the 2013 gmc sierra is salvage
by Gusbus2013 November 26, 2019
a term used to decribe a male who is hated by the majority of females at his school
person 1: damn all thots were roasting rico last night
person 2: what a savage
person 1: nah he a SALVAGE
by entire dhs March 16, 2016
term used to describe when one transsexual attacks another transsexual.
"Brenda SALVAGELY attacked Mimi in the car after a fight at a tranny nightclub."
by xfiver February 2, 2008
a group of individuals with specific desires for the online game Dead by Daylight. mostly accounts like “add this character to dbd” or “nerf/buff perk/killer/thing” accounts.
if you are transphobic/homophobic, you can't be a salvager.
Nerf Leader used to be a member of the dbd salvagers, but it turns out he's a transphobic POS, so he isn't one now.
by Rework Babysitter August 22, 2022
When a female or male of non black decent ends up sleeping with a black male or female.
"Damn, check her out yo, she's hot!You gonna hit that!?"
"Na, I saw her the other day leavin Tyrone's house, that bitch has a salvage title"
by Mike Labowski November 27, 2007