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1. A bone in one's skull, also called the malar bone. It gives depth to the face and makes you look like a HOTTIE.
Also noun-

2. A nickname for a dude with VERY good, deep, hot cheekbones. Common nicknames for hotties.
Kavi: Hey have u seen cheekbones lately?
Person: Yeh their cheekbones have seemed really good lately
Other person: Oooooooooh are you talking about Richard?
Kavi: Shut up shut up shut up he's gonna hear you!!!
Richard: Are you talaking about me?
Kavi: 😳
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by anarchism_is_sexy June 04, 2019
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What women want, some have, and some contour to make fakes. Cheek bones are very hot and make faces look better. When men have good cheek bones, it's sexy. When women have good cheek bones, it's sexy. Get it?
I got some makeup today at Ulta that makes my cheek bones have depth idc if they're fake because they're hot
by SoHot January 25, 2015
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Only the most sexy of gods are able to have cheek bones like hottie Benedict Cumbernatch he is the epitome of cheek bones >:D cumberbitches 4 life!!
Omg girl did you see Bennies cheek bones?!
Yes, he's supah cute!!
by Cumber_Angel#1 June 13, 2014
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