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1. A bone in one's skull, also called the malar bone. It gives depth to the face and makes you look like a HOTTIE.
Also noun-

2. A nickname for a dude with VERY good, deep, hot cheekbones. Common nicknames for hotties.
Kavi: Hey have u seen cheekbones lately?
Person: Yeh their cheekbones have seemed really good lately
Other person: Oooooooooh are you talking about Richard?
Kavi: Shut up shut up shut up he's gonna hear you!!!
Richard: Are you talaking about me?
Kavi: 😳
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by anarchism_is_sexy June 04, 2019

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Refers to trans people. If it’s a cisgender person using it, it’s a slur. Tranny (when used as a slur) usually refers to women. It’s been kind of reclaimed so some trans people refer to themselves as tranny.
TERF: He’s pretending to be a she. Fucking tranny.

Person: be quiet now please
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by anarchism_is_sexy June 21, 2020

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Vibing is having a connection with someone else, or something that's really cool.
If you're vibing with someone else, you can be friends with someone and be saying something funny, or getting high and saying fake deep things. You could also be having a romantic connection with someone else, and finishing someone's sentences. If you see something that you like, you could say that it's your vibe or a vibe.
Richard: Hey Kavi how are you
Kavi: Oh yeah I'm vibing you?
Richard: Me too but I'd rather be vibing with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kavi: 😍
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by anarchism_is_sexy June 02, 2019

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