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An actor hailing from Cork, Ireland landing critical acclaim for his roles in films such as Red Eye, 28 Days Later, Disco Pigs, and the soon-to-be-released Breakfast on Pluto. Murphy is becoming an internationally recognized name for his brilliant acting in versatile roles, often covering his heavy Cork accent with a very convincing American one.
Cillian Murphy > Collin Farrell
by -Jaci- February 11, 2006
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Sexually appealing to both genders even when playing a transvestite.
If you want to find Cillian Murphy, I do believe he has a small elfin dwelling in Wimbledon Common."

Serious Serious Serious
by mongrelcat April 29, 2010
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Irish actor Cillian Murphy, not only steals scenes with his dashing good looks, but also with his incredible talent for acting.

Movies include: Disco Pigs, Red Eye, Batman Begins, On the Edge, Intermission, 28 Days Later, and Breakfast on Pluto.
person 1-"Can anyone name an actor with good looks AND can actually act?

Me-"I've got one and his name is Cillian Murphy"

by Crazy as Crazy March 28, 2006
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An actor who is irish. Not just any actor though, the best one there is. He makes his roles as believable as possible. He is the most beautiful person alive. Big blue eyes, lucious red lips, and outstanding cheek bones.
"I know more about the business of suicide in my baby finger, than you do in all your years of training and Freud reading. I gurran-fuckin'-tee ya that. " jonathan-On the edge. One of cillian murphys best movies.
by joellethejerk February 07, 2007
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A hot irish actor who can sing and play the guitar much like a rockstar. Amazing in drag (Breakfast on Pluto and Peacock). Tragically married.
Seeing Cillian Murphy reminds me I didn't marry him and my life is a tragedy.
by ericsfangbanger February 07, 2011
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