I like how none of you jackasses knows the definition of the word supple, so you wrote down some random bullshit about rapists or crap like that.

Supple is a word describing something that bends or flexes gracefully, in other words, flexible.
Before the carpenter bends the wood into shape, he steams it to make it supple.
by cosmodius October 15, 2013
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Used to describe something in a favorable way, or give approval.

Syn: Fresh, hot, fly, sweet
That's a supple young woman cross der.
Them kicks is supple, son.
You down to ride? Supple.
by Joe E D April 28, 2006
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word commonly used by sick fucks; primarily child rapists to describe his/her victim. Relates to the skin of the victim. Sometimes used to describe the condition of fruit
Andy: The child's breasts were tender and supple
Jessica: you sick fuck

Grocery Shopper: The pear's skin is so supple. I just want to bite into its tender peel.
Grocery Clerk: These are the supplest pears we have had in stock for years!
by Jessica C March 30, 2008
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it's not used much anymore and it sounds like a pervert would say it, but it's a different of way saying valopcuious. So supple is like saying that chick's body sexy soft or supple means a good balance of softness and firmness.
Kate Upton's boobs are big, beautiful, and real, they're DEFINTELY supple
by Billy The Dude October 4, 2014
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the stage of the penis after flacid but before an erection

the 2nd phase of the penis, although dang is larger than soft, it is not quite at its full potential

blood flow is occuring but nothing is erect or fully extended
Jeff showed this girl his dang today. He was supple so she thought the he had a big dick.
by DKap November 17, 2005
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A supple is simply a brief and gentle inhalation of air. To supple something you need to open your mouth about 40% in an O-shape and then place the suppled-to-be item lightly towards the lips, then simply inhale gently.
by TheJugFarmer August 1, 2020
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