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Nerdy, Asian, means poet, and is amazing at games. Gets along with everyone, gives people chances if they piss
them off, respected my most people, NOT a teacher's pet
Bro u know Kavi he's my g, let me copy his homework
by Hueing June 29, 2016
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The best guy you will ever meet. He’s loyal kind and anything anyone wants. Girls, you’ve found your man
The girls: OMG it’s the most handsome man ever Kavi
All girls say at same time: HE’S MINE!!
by Shsjjsjabsjsksbebskjsbd November 16, 2018
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A Kavis is a person who posts something already previously posted in a WhatsApp, IG or Facebook thread, without reading up. These individuals are also serial spammers and annoy other members of the group.
Kavis: you ain’t just see someone post the same shit you just post?

Big man read up in the chat; someone just post that Kavis!

Kavis, tell us what so inspiring about this video that you had to post it in this group again!

Bey you just pull a Kavis!

Looka Kavis!!
by GhostRecon September 20, 2018
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a poet, a singer, poetry in the hindi language
the kavi licks my ass
by master October 26, 2003
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A retarded faggot, who is also a cunt with no life at all. A Kavi will make someone lose brain cells when they look at it. The vile and the absolute cunt of a creature was a mistake god made. ;)
Ryan: Wow Will you are acting like an absolute Kavi.
Will: I want to tie a noose the jump into a tub filled with water and a toaster.
by Yeet Mcgee November 07, 2018
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